5 Reasons Vitamin C Benefits Your Skin

vitamin c

As an esthetician I get so many questions about what to do to get rid of brown spots on the face and people wanting to prevent aging. I always tell them those spots didn’t get there overnight and they aren’t going to leave overnight either. It takes patience, persistence, and one of the best antioxidants in the world: Vitamin C.

There are so many benefits in applying a topical Vitamin C. A lot of research has been done on this powerful antioxidant and because of all the benefits that topical Vitamin C can provide, I’ve been working on incorporating it back into my skin care routine.

The benefits of Vitamin C are the following:

  • Helps prevent signs of aging by increasing collagen production, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Inhibits melanin production. That means it will help the skin stop producing brown spots, help lighten them, and make it look more even and clear!
  • Contains anti-inflammatory benefits, which means it will help the skin to heal from any breakouts or wounds.
  • Can boost the effectiveness of sunscreen.
  • Helps prevent skin-cancer because it is an antioxidant it helps fight free-radical damage.

There are various forms of Vitamin C that can be used on the skin; however, L-ascorbic acid has the most research showing its benefits when applied topically. So if you’re looking to incorporate a Vitamin C make sure to look for L-ascorbic acid as one of the top ingredients. As for the potency of the L-ascorbic acid, concentrations as low as 0.6% have been shown to benefit the skin- so it’s okay if it’s not the strongest Vitamin C out there. When using Vitamin C be sure that you are exfoliating regularly and using SPF daily to increase the benefits! As for which step in your skin care routine you should apply Vitamin C, this should go on after you wash and tone your skin, apply the Vitamin C, and then proceed with your regimen. This would be the same whether you do it day or night or both.

How to choose a Vitamin C serum


Choosing the topical form of Vitamin C that is best for your skin type can be confusing when there are so many different options out there. My suggestion is first to know what skin type you have when making this decision. I have oily skin that is acne-prone so I personally use a powder form of Vitamin C from a brand called Cosmedix. I simply shake some of it (approximately 6 shakes) into my regular moisturizer and apply it to my face. I used to use the one from Philosophy called Turbo Booster C Powder but it had a lot of other fillers in it and it actually made my face dry and caused little bumps on my forehead. I find the Cosmedix one is more pure because it doesn’t have as many fillers (other ingredients). If you have normal to dry skin then using a cream or liquid formulated Vitamin C will work well for you. Be sure to look at what else is in the serum in case you have any sensitivities to those ingredients. It is always good to have more than one antioxidant in a serum. “Skincare will never be as simple as any single ingredient—just as no single food or nutrient can keep your body healthy, you need more than just one ingredient to keep your skin in good shape, too!” says Paula’s Choice research team.

Avoid DIY

One more thing. Please avoid any DIY Vitamin C serums. L-ascorbic acid is super unstable so when they’re manufactured this is taken into consideration. I myself bought into the hype before and ended up with weird hives on my face. That’s just my two cents, but it’s your face so do what you will.

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My Wedding Day Skin Care Routine

In about 3 months I will be walking down the aisle to marry my best friend. It is truly an exciting and nerve wracking time of life. With so many upcoming events and changes I want my skin to look its best. In order to have that beautiful glowing wedding day skin, preparation is key.

As someone who has struggled with oily/acne-prone skin that has some scarring it has been quite the journey in achieving the results I’m looking for. My goal is to have clear skin and maintain these results until my wedding day and beyond!!!

Preparing My Skin for the Big Day

When I got proposed to I had already found a regimen that was working relatively well for me as far as keeping acne at bay. But I still wanted to bump it up a few notches, you feel? So I began looking at what else I could incorporate into my skin care routine. Below is a list of my current skin care routine in the order I apply them.


  • CleanseNeutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser in the creamy formula
  • Eye CreamDevita Revitalizing Eye Lift Cream
  • MoisturizeAlba Botanica Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisturizer, Aloe & Green Tea
  • SPFSkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50


  • CleanseNeutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser (to remove makeup avoiding the eye area) or I use Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
  • Eye Makeup RemoverEarth Science Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile and Green Tea
  • MoisturizeAlba Botanica Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisturizer, Aloe & Green Tea
  • Spot Treat AcneRescue Gel or Clean and Clear persagel Benzoyl Peroxide 10%
Extra Specialty Products
  • Sundays – Origins mask “out of trouble 10 minute mask”
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Cleanse with Clarisonic Mia 2 (second cleanser after Neutrogena or Innisfree mentioned above) – Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – Coxmedix Refine Plus (retinol)
  • Tuesdays – LED Light Therapy

I had some texture (tiny bumps on my forehead, see pic below) which HAD to go, as well as some post breakout scarring. My goal is to eliminate as many small bumps and hyperpigmentation marks as possible.

Before I did the LED Light Therapy

I discovered a cleanser by the brand Cosmdix called Purity clean exfoliating cleanser. This was a game changer! I use it about 2-3 times a week at night with my Clarisonic mia 2 brush (I use the luxe cashmere brush head) after I wash my makeup off with a different gel cleanser. It really helped improve in clearing up the bumps on my forehead, but it didn’t completely remove them. (Warning: This will dry you out so watch out and don’t get it in your eyes).


Then I began doing LED light therapy. LED is a light emitting diode that helps minimize acne, promote collagen production, increases cell turn over (hello anti-aging!) and helps remove hyperpigmentation (aka scarring and brown spots). This has seemed to improve the texture on my forehead.

To Summarize

These two things, Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser and LED Lightwave Therapy are my HG products to my wedding day skin regimen. I highly recommend them to anyone if you want clearer younger looking skin! My skin still isn’t 100% where I want it to be but it has improved a lot. I’ll continue to add pics along the way of the process.

If you’re trying to figure out what to use for your wedding day skin care regimen, or just a skin care regimen in general leave a comment below. No one has to go to this extent to have great skin, this is my passion. Just focus on what areas you want to improve and attack those issues. Just remember, you only have one face and you bring it with you everywhere you go! It’s worth investing in.

my forehead 2-24
This is my forehead currently.